Commercial Architecture Visualisation


As Architects and Lead Consultants (in other words ‘Project Managers’) we offer breadth and depth of skills to steer a project through to successful completion. As an overview we tend to break the process into four elements:

  • Briefing and Design
  • Cost Control and Management
  • Planning
  • Technical Service and Construction

We have a saying in the practice which is ‘Ink is cheap, bricks are expensive!’ and see the briefing process as a critical first stage to ensure the needs of the Client are fully drawn-out and accommodated within the design. A comprehensive briefing process thus minimises potentially expensive changes at a later stage.

Our briefing process is implemented through a series of design review workshops; in other words, we sit around the table, listen carefully to you and draw. We then go away and revise the plans and keep doing so until you are happy. This enables us to take on board the comments of the leadership team as well as teaching staff and pupils should the school so wish. We endeavour to communicate our ideas clearly and always build 3D models of our designs to ensure the full nature of the ideas can be clearly understood.

We always bring our creativity and design skills to this process in order to solve any conflicting requirements and retain the proposals within a manageable target budget. As a result of this workshop process, the brief evolves and becomes more refined which always results in a much more effective building in the end.

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