Odiham Community Pre-School – New Build

A new building for Leapfrogs Pre-School in Odiham, Hampshire was created by demolishing the outmoded 1960’s pre-fabricated building and replacing with modern design & construction; providing a more attractive and functional school for the village.

The following needs & objectives were outlined by Odiham Parish Council and incorporated into our design plan:

• 2 slightly larger classrooms
• Improved facilities leading to higher quality delivery of education
• Permanent outside play area with part-covered space
• Age appropriate toilet facilities that can be accessed directly from the class rooms.
• Better Pre-School provision for the Odiham community.

The aesthetic form of the development is designed to sit harmoniously amongst the existing buildings.

The elevation treatment of the proposed building draws from elements typical of traditional Odiham/Hampshire dewellings through design of facades and choice of materials.

The façade is comprised of a pillared brick plinth with infilled timber weatherboarding to lighten the visual mass of the building.

Large overhangs add depth to the facades – this helps to create variations between light and shade making the visual appearance of the building more dynamic.

The fenestration has been carefully proportioned to provide a subtle and attractive balance to the elevations, allowing adults and children to benefit from the natural daylight and views of the recreational space of the site and beyond.

The proposed (non-chiming) clock tower is a traditional village detail that is of benefit to residents and users of the playing fields alike. Visually it adds relief to the ‘L’ shaped roof through form and materiality.

Projecting eaves are incorporated into the façades with a slender and elegant facia avoiding bulky and unattractive deep fascias. Structural posts are to be made of timber adding to the tactile appearance of the proposed buildings material palette.

Where possible, materials were used from local stock to reduce the carbon transport footprints. Timber from FCS approved forests was used.
Where possible the building would make use of recycled materials and components, and rooflights to add natural daylight would reduce the reliance of powered luminaries, thus improving the energy input of the building.

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    Odiham Community Pre-School

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    New Build

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