Winchester College – Staff Housing

A new development of staff housing for Winchester College, including 2 no converted 1 bedroom units, 1 no new build studio 1-bedroom units, 1 no new build 2-bedroom units and 2 no new build 3-bedroom units (2 storey).

Key issues when developing the site were:

– to provide a high quality development in keeping with the Conservation Area designations.
– To enhance the existing landscape and ecology.
– To accommodate flood impact issues.
– To minimise the impact of highways / car parking on the site and surrounding roads.
– To minimise any development impact on the Itchen Navigation.

The buildings on the new development are orientated with their main elevations looking into the site. This arrangement begins to establish a configuration of buildings that is often seen in small rural developments, with courtyard arrangements surrounded by built structures. It also offers a sense of security and enclosure, which will make the development more appealing to its eventual residents.

The new dwellings are intended to enforce the courtyard arrangement and therefore positioning them at the southern end of the site was considered most appropriate. The three larger properties face into the courtyard, closing the courtyard on three sides, and leaving the fourth edge open with views to the Itchen Navigation and the line of mature trees.

The converted barn forms a strong elevation to the courtyard, which is a single storey structure. The new three bed dwellings are two storey.

It was agreed that to articulate the juxtaposition between these two main building elevations, the smaller studio dwellings should act as the knuckle to turn the corner and therefore its form should emphasise its purpose.

The new buildings contained within the Wharf Farm development use contemporary design solutions and traditional materials to relate to the immediate surroundings and the existing buildings on the site.

The design of the building uses a limited palette of materials including red brick, clay tiles, timber windows, coloured rendered wall and timber boarding. The buildings will conform to the prevailing character of the surroundings.

The development utilises locally sourced materials to minimise mileage and make the building truly part of its locale. Other elements in the building such as the timber were sourced from forests that are sustainable and come from a FSC (forest stewardship council) certified source.

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